From: $38.00 / month

Age: 4 ID: GU-RAB-024.2 Country:

Debora lives in a small rural community with her parents and three siblings. Her family lives in extreme poverty in a tiny box like home made from rusted aluminum panels with a dirt floor. Neither of Debora’s parents attended school and both are illiterate. Her parents would like her to study beyond elementary school, but with four children to support they struggle to pay for basic necessities like food and cannot afford to cover educational expenses. Debora’s older sister Dalila is currently in the program and the nutritional support and hygiene supplies have been life changing for the family. A visit by the social worker soon after the birth of their fourth child led to an extra donation of baby clothing as he did not have appropriate clothing for the hot days or cool nights. Will you sponsor Debora so she can go to school and change her future?