From: $38.00 / month

Age: 17 ID: IN-2017/602 Country:

For a child living on the edge in the slums of Mumbai — like Sainath — one act of kindness can change their future forever. That act is the gift of sponsorship. Your $38 a month will keep Sainath in school and provide all school uniforms and supplies needed to succeed. Education is the most powerful intervention to break the cycle of poverty and the best chance for a brighter future. Research has proven that just knowing someone cares and is invested in their future improves life outcomes for sponsored children. And 100% of your sponsorship gift supports the program.

Will you sponsor Sainath and transform their life and future? Your generosity is all Sainath needs.


MY NAME: Sainath
MY AGE: 17
I’M A: teenaged boy
I ENJOY: cycling & swimming
I LIVE WITH: mother, brothers, sister & grandmother
I’M IN SCHOOL: yes, 12th standard

Child Sponsorship is our first line of defense within our Family Preservation work. It offers deep, holistic services designed first to help a child survive, and then lift the entire family out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Each sponsored child and their family is assessed by a social worker so they can receive services tailored to their particular needs. Sponsored children and their families are constantly monitored so we can make any changes to their services needed to ensure their lives are transformed. We evaluate the data we collect and use it to inform our programming.