From: $38.00 / month

Age: 5 ID: GU-RAB-043.3 Country:

Sharaí lives with her mother and three sisters in her grandparents’ house in a rural community. Her aunt and two cousins live there as well. Sharaí’s father migrated to the United States last year to make a better life for his family and earn money to build a house, but so far, he has only been able to earn enough money to make payments on his debt and send a small amount for food. Her mother, Lucia, earns extra income completing embroidery, but it is not enough to cover basic needs and educational expenses for her daughters. Sharaí currently attends preschool and comes to the community center two to three times per week with her sisters. Her teacher describes her as an active student who participates in all activities. Her mother isn’t able to continue paying for her education and her ability to continue in school depends on her participation in the sponsorship program. Will you sponsor Sharaí so she can stay in school and change her future?