From: $38.00 / month

Age: 16 ID: GU-RAB-038.1 Country:

Wendy lives in a small rural community with her mother and two siblings. Her mother, Rosa, is a single mom who washes clothing or cleans produce when the work is available. She doesn’t have a full-time job. Wendy and her brother work with their mother when they can to help cover the family’s expenses. Rosa dropped out of school in the third grade and never learned to read or write. Even though she has few resources, it’s important to her that her children continue to study. The continuing pandemic has made this year even more difficult than normal. Rosa has had fewer job opportunities and her daughters have fallen behind in their classes without the in-person support of teachers. Will you sponsor Wendy so she can focus on her education, knowing that her family is getting the food and support they need?