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Age: 11 ID: ET-03-01-874 Country:

Despite his challenging circumstances, Yohannes is a great student. He is eleven years old and ranks first in his 3rd grade class of 47 students! He lives with his mother and older brother in Southern Ethiopia. The family of three lives together in one very small room in a rented house made from mud with a grass roof. Farming was the primary source of income for this family before the recent passing of Yohannes’ father. Since then, his mother does her best, baking and selling injera and occasionally working as a house keeper. Her income does not allow the family to meet their basic needs, which means that Yohannes often goes to school without food or supplies. His mom describes him as a happy, optimistic and respectful child, who is kind to everyone. She has high hopes of Yohannes staying in school and for a brighter future for her family. A sponsorship for Yohannes would be the life-changing step they need in that direction.