From: $38.00 / month

Age: 15 ID: GU-RAB-041.1 Country:

Romualdo lives with his mother in a small rural community. His father died eight years ago and since then his mother has worked washing clothes for community members to help support
herself and her son. Romualdo came to the local community center and requested help as it has been difficult for his mother to pay for the extra educational expenses he has now that he is in middle school. He is expected to pay for internet and photocopies and his mother does not earn enough. He also had difficulty keeping up with his homework without in-person classes for the last two years and didn’t understand his assignments. Romualdo has a lot of ground to make up, but he is an eager student who enjoys being with his peers and teachers. Sponsorship will allow Romualdo to keep studying without feeling like a burden to his mother. Will you sponsor Romualdo so he can continue to attend school and change his future?