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Sponsor a Child, Transform a Life

A Lifeline for Children in Crisis

The work of Wide Horizons For Children takes us to parts of the world where children live on the edge. These children and their families aren’t just dealing with a single crisis: They live each day engulfed by crises — war, famine, disease, lack of sufficient shelter — all beyond their control. Having to deal with any one of these crises would be extremely difficult, but when they combine to form a perfect storm, the confluence of crises can be unfathomable.

And that’s when a family is tipped over the edge into extreme poverty.

When a family is tipped over the edge, that’s the point when an orphan might be created. Sometimes, that situation involves the death of one or both parents, and the child is truly an orphan. But other times, the unthinkable pressures put on the family can break it apart, and the parents or parent can no longer support their child or children.

We do everything we can to help prevent a child from becoming an orphan. Through our work of almost 50 years working with orphaned and abandoned children, we’ve learned an essential truth: that by intervening early — before a family is pushed over the edge — we can help keep that family together. We can help a family survive, stabilize, and thrive.

Every child needs a stable, loving family. That’s where Family Preservation — with Child Sponsorship at its core — is so effective.

Family Preservation is a holistic approach to providing these families in crisis with the stability they need to navigate the brutal consequences of the crises they face, and help them reach the other side.

We have programs in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Burundi.

That Family Preservation work is our primary focus today. To match the complexity of the needs of children in crisis, our Family Preservation work is personalized to each child and family, as each situation is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t transform a child’s life as deeply.

Why Sponsor a Child Through Wide Horizons For Children?

Great Life Transformation

What matters most to us is how our work truly changes a child’s future. Our Child Sponsorship programming is proven to change the future for each child and their family.

Great Return on a Sponsor’s Investment

Your money really does change lives and the trajectory of a child’s future — and more quickly than in other sponsorship programs.

Great Community Impact

More children in crisis in a community can be a part of our sponsorship programs because, on average, each family of a sponsored child achieves self-sufficiency faster.

The Road to Transformation

Child Sponsorship is the flagship program of our Family Preservation work. While you may be familiar with child sponsorship, not all child sponsorship programs have the same transformative impact on the future of a child in crisis and their family.

What Makes a Child Sponsorship Program Impactful?

Tailored Help: The services each child and their family receive are tailored to their particular needs✔︎
Expert Assessment: A qualified expert — such as a trained social worker — assesses and monitors each child and their family, adapting the services as required✔︎
Food Security: Ensuring that each family has food to eat✔︎
Education: Enabling each child to go to — and stay in — school✔︎
Reliable income: Each child’s parents are given help — ranging from grant to skills training, among other assistance — to set up a small business capable of generating a reliable source of income for their family✔︎

Combined, these essentials transform a child’s future better than any other methodology. How do we know this? Because this is and has been our protocol — and our impact results speak for themselves. In Ethiopia, for example, before we started our Child Sponsorship program, 96% of families in those communities lived in extreme poverty. After five years, more than half were above the poverty line and well on their way to becoming self-sufficient.

Before Child Sponsorship
After Child Sponsorship

Source: WHFC Ethiopia Monitoring & Evaluation Data, 2015-2022

Don’t take out word for it

Hear their stories

From Poverty to Possibilities

From Poverty to Possibilities.

Laxmi and her husband struggled to provide food and shelter for their son and daughter in Mumbai’s Colaba slum. But that all changed through WHFC’s Community Development and Child Sponsorship programs.

A World Apart, Yet United

A World Apart, Yet United.

Sneha and Shivani were both born in India, but the latter was adopted by an American family as a toddler. Now, thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, Shivani’s family is helping Sneha overcome destitute conditions.

Caught in Gang Crossfire

Caught in Gang Crossfire.

When Sofia’s father died suddenly, her mother was left to take care of two children, in a part of Guatemala plagued by violence. Sofia’s younger sister was injured in a gang shooting. But thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, Sofia’s life has been transformed for the better.

Siblings Finally Reunite

Siblings Finally Reunite.

When their father died, life became even harder for four siblings and their mother. There wasn’t enough money for them to stay together. Nigist and Meseret went to live with other relatives. But through WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, the family received enough funds to once again be together.

A Path Out Of Poverty

A Path Out Of Poverty.

Ashenafi and his siblings didn’t always have enough food to eat. But when their father applied for an empowerment grant from WHFC, his shoe store received the funds it needed to expand, securing a future for the growing family.

Unstoppable Youth

Unstoppable Youth.

Growing up in a crowded house in a Mumbai slum, the odds were against Saloni. But thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, she has overcome poverty, the death of her father, and her own bout with tuberculosis to persevere — now she’s on track for an MBA.

From Poverty to Professor

From Poverty to Professor.

As a child, Dawit barely had enough to eat. Thanks to WHFC’s Child Sponsorship program, he was able to secure sufficient funds to not only get the nutrition he needed, but to thrive in school. Now he is an associate lecturer at the Mekelle Institute of Technology in northern Ethiopia.

How to Sponsor a Child

To renew your current sponsorship, click here.


Pick a Child to Sponsor

You can choose the child you want to sponsor – and you have options that allow you to search by country, gender, and age. Or if you like, we can select one for you.


Select a Payment Option

You can pay $38 each month or $456 once a year. It’s your choice! Either way, you’ll be transforming a child’s future!


Time to Connect!

We will send you a welcome packet, containing your sponsored child’s photo, personal story and some tips to help you start getting to know your sponsored child and their culture. You can exchange letters, photos and cards with them… deepening your connection every time something is shared.


In their words…

The Community Development program gave me self-confidence and taught me how to save. I was able to contribute towards our family expenses. This made me feel good and strong. —Priya Mother of Sponsored Child, India
My husband and I never finished our education and I was worried that if Eduardo didn’t understand something there would be no one to help explain things to him. I am excited for his future now that he has the support of the teachers from the program. —Eduardo Mother of Sponsored Child, Guatemala
Thank you for being with me in my most difficult times and helping me develop the capacity of helping myself and my family. I am very happy to see another family get my precious chance. —Aberash Mother of Sponsored Child, Ethiopia
I am thankful for the ration as it was very useful and helpful for me and my family. Thank you for it. —Dasya Sponsored Child, India
I’m very thankful to you, dear sponsor. You are supporting me in my education and I promise I will not let you down any time. I’ll keep my words, and I’ll be a very bright person in future. Thank you for your helpful, I’m very thankful towards you, dear sponsor. Thank you so much. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. —Dipta Sponsored Child, India
I am so lucky to get this emergency food support. Now, I can see happiness and joy on the face of my children and strength and stability in their emotion. It changed our worry and sadness into joy and hope. —Genet Mother of Sponsored Child, Ethiopia
I got rations in March months. And it was helpful for my family. Thank you for giving me rations! —Lopa Sponsored Child, India
We received 20 bars of soap, one quintal flour, and 61 kg of Teff as emergency support. It was a great chance for us to manage our lives successfully! And if Wide Horizons for Children had not provided us with support, it would have been difficult to save the lives of our family members. —Messeret Mother of Sponsored Child, Ethiopia
Due to COVID-19 we were living under difficult condition because my mother was not able to do her daily work. But your help and support through WHFC enable us to safe at this hard time. With your support we are provided different food items such as flour, macaroni, oil, hand sanitizer and face masks. We are very happy for your support. —Natnael Sponsored Child, Ethiopia
I used to cry at night because it was almost time to enrol my daughter in middle school, and I did not know how I would be able to afford to send her. After meeting with the social worker, I felt a great relief knowing that my daughter could continue studying and would receive school supplies. —Juanita Mother of Sponsored Child, Guatemala
My mother lost job and in my house there was lot of problem of food and really thank you that you came for support and gave ration. Very happy and thank you for your help. —Pavani Sponsored Child, India
I am thankful for the ration as it was very useful and helpful for me and my family. Thank you for it. —Suhani Sponsored Child, India
First of all I would like to give thanks to you all. Because in the coronavirus pandemic, you all were standing with us as helpers. And really you all helped us a lot. You are not just giving us money, but you give us the confidence to reach our goals. So thank you! —Vidya Sponsored Child, India
My parents had a meeting with the Social Worker who mentioned that [the program] would help us with our education. It was then that I decided to continue, one of my dreams is to be a nurse and to have my own clinic to help my parents, I want to be a successful woman, to help my parents with what I can. —Roberta Sponsored Child, Guatemala

Sponsorship FAQs

Q: How often will I hear from my sponsored child?

A: You will hear from your sponsored child two times per year. Your child’s social worker will help prepare an update about your child and their family. Your child will also write a letter and send photos.

Q: Can I send something to my sponsored child?

A: You are welcome to send cards, letters, or photos to your sponsored child at any time. Due to shipping limitations, we are unable to send packages.

Q: Can I visit my sponsored child?

A: If you’re planning a trip to the area where your sponsored child lives, we will do our best to arrange for you to visit them. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to meet them in person, as there are many external factors — particularly ones that could impact their and/or your safety — that might prevent this from happening.

Q: How long are children in the child sponsorship program? 

A: A child remains in the program until their family is able to provide a safe, stable home environment, become self-sufficient, or the child completes their educational track. We work with every family in our program to create a sustainable, long-term plan for the future. Some children graduate within three to five years, while others take longer.

Q: How long is my child sponsorship commitment?

A: While we hope you’re able to continue to support your sponsored child for as long as they are in our program, sponsoring a child is voluntary and you may choose to end your sponsorship commitment at any time. When your child and the family graduates from the sponsorship program, we will introduce you to another child who needs your help. To cancel or change your sponsorship commitment, email us at sponsorship@whfc.org or call (781) 894-5330.

Q: Does my donation go directly to my sponsored child?

A: Yes, your donation pays directly for the personalized care your sponsored child receives. After a trained social worker has assessed this child, they receive a customized, intensive set of resources and services that help them achieve success as soon as possible.

Q: Are my donations tax-deductible?

A: Yes! Wide Horizons For Children is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We will send you a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contributions. For more information or specific questions, email us at sponsorship@whfc.org or call (781) 894-5330.