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How Sponsorship Helped Her Graduate College | WHFC

Sponsorship Helped Her Graduate College

Saloni grew up in the slum community of Shiv Shakti Nagar in a large family, which included her siblings, parents, grandmother, and her uncle and his family. Their house was small but well-kept. Saloni’s father worked as a taxi driver, so his earnings were unpredictable. Her mother’s anemia and arthritis kept her from working consistently. The family income was not enough to cover food, bills and school expenses for the children.

When Saloni was in 7th grade, she was referred to Wide Horizons For Children’s Child Sponsorship program, run in partnership with Family Service Centre of Mumbai. She had dreams of getting a degree that would allow her to work in the banking industry. Sponsorship could help pay for her education and provide funds for food, school, supplies and other essentials.

Saloni did well in school and was widely regarded as a disciplined and hard-working student who was always appreciated by her teachers.

But in 2015, Saloni faced a new challenge when her father died from throat cancer. She and her family were distraught and required grief counseling. The support her sponsorship provided helped them stay strong and continue to work toward independence.

How Sponsorship Helped Her Graduate College | WHFC

Saloni worked hard and was able to attend college. She balanced working at an accounting firm with her studies. Even when she was struck with tuberculosis, she was able to make a full recovery. Thanks to the child sponsorship program, Saloni was able to get access to the right medicine and nutrition.

Today, because of sponsorship, Saloni and her family continue to support each other and have become stronger and much more stable. Saloni has plans to pursue her M.B.A.

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