Back on His Feet

“My name is Tamirat,” says this humble young man with the warm smile. “I am an orphan and a grade 12 student.”

But with no family and no way to pay for food, books, or other essentials, Tamirat’s education may have ended there. Today, he is thriving, and it’s thanks to his child sponsor.

For the past three years, Tamirat has been sponsored as part of Wide Horizons For Children’s Child Sponsorship program. Sponsorship has been a lifeline and the only way Tamirat could afford to eat and stay in school. He knows education is his best chance to get out of poverty. For years, he’s focused hard on pursuing an advanced degree in higher education.

Then COVID hit, and the country went on lockdown. Schools were closed for months. Tamirat was in the middle of studying for the University entrance exam but didn’t give up. Even while schools were closed, he continued to study and read so he’d be well prepared.

Finally, when he was able, he took the exam — and received a very high score that qualified him to become a student at Haromaya University! And now, Tamirat has a very bright future. “I would like to thank Wide Horizon For Children for supporting me to score the highest points to join University.

“Thank you!” says Tamirat.

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